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Who is the UW Honors Alumni Network for? Can anyone register?

The UW Honors Alumni Network was created to help current and graduated Honors Program alumni and Friends of the Honors Program connect and find each other for networking purposes. We reserve the right to disable and remove individuals who do not qualify as Honors Program alumni or Fiends of Honors. For UW Alumni who were not involved with the Honors Program, we recommend you checkout the resources available from the UW Alumni Association (UWAA) and the UW Career & Internship Center.

How should I create my account?

  1. If you actively use your UW NetID, we recommend you use the UW NetID method to initiate your account creation.
  2. The next method to create an account is where you select a username and password. While this method is perfectly good, we know most people already have many accounts they have to keep track of, therefore, we recommend using NetID method to help reduce the number of passwords you have to remember.

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